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In partnering with PR firms, we have developed valuable experience providing research insights that demonstrate the best course of action for brands and their publicity teams. 

When providing research on behalf of PR firms, we are often involved in the early stages of campaign and content planning, or in proving the impact of PR initiatives through pre and post-launch measures. 

Press Conference on market research results


- Consumers' buying or decision criteria

- Key brand weaknesses

- Brand perceptions

- Sources of negative perceptions

- Drivers/barriers of purchase


- Customers' opinion of campaign direction 

- Customers' opinion of content pieces 

- Optimal spokesperson


- Campaign performance

- Brand health

- Reduction of negative publicity

Our PR studies are fully customized according to our clients' needs and the context of the study. 

We are responsible for every stage in the process, but actively seek client feedback throughout.

Step 1

Review your specific goals

and design a customized approach.

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