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Callosum is a modern, full-service,  

market research and customer 

insights agency.



(n.) [kor-pes kal-low-some]

1. A wide bundle of neural fibers that connects the left and right sides of the human brain in order to produce greater intelligence and understanding.



See how our market research solutions can help your organization.

Inform your business strategies by learning about your target market's needs and perceptions.

Determine how satisfied your clients are

and how to increase their interest further. 

Develop solutions based on your citizens'

needs and maximize program involvement.

Draw students to your institution and optimize their learning experience.

Integrate the perceptions of patients and HCPs to optimize marketing initiatives.

Assess the potential of your product or service and identify the best target market for it.

Produce data-driven campaigns that will

resonate with your client's target market.

Focus strategies and content on the subjects that matter most to your client's audience.

Build your client's brand based on

consumer insights and perceptions. 


Proven approaches that integrate statistics, behavioural sciences, and innovative technology.



We have advised leading organizations in 20 different industries.



Receive notifications when we report on new trends and developments in your industry.


Callosum is led by experienced and dedicated partners who are directly involved at every stage of the process. 

Christine Melançon

Founding Partner, Montreal

Christine has conducted 3500 market research studies over the past three decades.

Nathalie Martel

Partner, Montreal

Nathalie has been working in 

market research for thirty years and has completed 3000 studies.

Tom Rigby

Founding Partner, Toronto

Over the past 10 years, Tom

has completed more than 1000 market research studies.


"Working with Callosum is an absolute pleasure. They have a high level of qualitative and quantitative expertise, and the

value they add in their analyses is very appreciated."

Consumer Packaged Goods

Manager of Shopper Insights

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Our proposals will outline research strategies

for your specific objectives, and are available completely free of charge or commitment.  ​


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