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Methodologies that analyze attitudes and behaviour across all modes of decision-making. 


When the research is exploratory in nature and

intended to gain an in-depth understanding of

individual experiences or perceptions.

  • In-depth interviews

  • Shop-alongs

  • Ethnography

  • Mystery shopping

  • In-person focus groups

  • In-store focus groups

  • Virtual focus groups

  • Online communities


When the research has clearly defined parameters

and is intended to quantify opinons and behaviours among a large sample size. 

  • Online surveys 

  • Phone surveys

  • Mobile surveys

  • In-person or on-site surveys

  • Surveys among client databases


When the research is designed to evaluate

implicit reactions or subconscious perceptions.

  • Facial coding

  • Galvanic skin response

  • Heart rate monitoring

  • Neuroscience

  • Artificial Intelligence

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