In B2B research, a small sample of high-margin clients are usually included in the study. We have conducted studies of this nature for many years, and are familiar with the sensitive and specific steps that should be followed.

When working on behalf of B2B or professional services companies, our studies typically focus on monitoring their clients' satisfaction levels and better understanding the bidding and selection processes.


- Clients' selection processes

- Clients' key decision criteria

- Clients' brand perceptions

- Optimal target markets

- Opportunities for process improvement

- Drivers/barriers of recommendation

- Best practices and competitive actions


- Advertising campaigns

- Corporate positioning statements

- Packaging designs

- Slogans and logos

- New products or services


- Client loyalty & satisfaction

- Market share & spending habits

- Performance of an ad campaign

Our B2B studies are fully customized according to our clients' needs and

the specifics of their target markets. We are responsible for every stage in

the process, but actively seek client feedback and approvals throughout.

Step 1

Review your specific goals

and design a customized approach.

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Our proposals will outline research strategies for your specific objectives, and are available completely free of charge or commitment


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